Oh Mindy​!​, 01​-​13​-​06

by D. Striker

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RR: 01-13-06


released January 13, 2006

Written by Jeff Meltesen ©2006
D. acoustic guitar, vocals / Ryan Ervin, electric guitar / Casey Sanders, drums / Matt Moody, bass / Mason Vickery, lap steel / Andy Willhite, electric guitar
Recorded by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes Recording, 2006
Produced by Meltesen, Ferguson, Vickery

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Track Name: Oh Mindy!
Her mama used to dress her up when she was just a little girl / Powder and makeup and a cheap dress well it’s cheaper than a sitter at home / And her mama she liked men (uh huh) but with this one she had a fight / So she sent young Mindy over to his house to set the record right / She said, “Mindy take everything. Take it all, all you can get.” / And she did, oh yeah, yeah she did / The Pontiac pulled up to Nashville, it’s Mindy with her karaoke tapes / She used to sing her ass off down at Printer’s Alley and if you saw her well her ass looked great /And Shania Twain came along and broke all the rules, bearing her mid-drift / Well Mindy one upped her with a pierced belly button and A&R was all over it / They said “Girl you got the right look. We can give you a record deal” / And they did, oh yeah, yeah they did / Oh Mindy oh Mindy you pissed off the head of RCA / Oh Mindy oh Mindy how you gonna get your records played? / A lot of pretty girls can sing country music but you gotta wanna do the work / Hustle in the morning to your media appointments and girls don’t forget to flirt / But by now Mindy couldn’t be bothered and her sales they were going downhill / She got hip to Hillbilly Heroin, she popped the pill / She found comfort in Oxycontin, old times there are not forgotten / Yeah she did, oh yeah, yeah she did / “Guys Do it All the Time” and “Ten Thousand Angels” couldn’t save Mindy from her boyfriend he nearly put her in the grave / After the DUI and then there was a con guy / She tried to get two luxury boats in Arizona / And she took a lot of pills and it nearly put her in a coma (twice!) Yeah she did, oh yeah, yeah she did) / Oh Mindy oh Mindy whatcha gonna do with baby on the way? / Oh Mindy oh Mindy / get your head on straight