I Can Handle It

by D. Striker

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RR: 06-13-08. For Liza Nelle.


released June 13, 2008

All songs written by Jeff Meltesen, © 2008
Produced and recorded by Mason Vickery & Troy Daugherty
at Research & Development Studios in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes
Photography by Thomas Petillo. Legs by Megan Morrison & Heidi Ross

Contact: daddycadillac at yahoo | myspace.com/dstriker
Follow on Twitter: @dstriker

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Track Name: World's Worst Swingers
We go out on the town and I parade my girl all around / Looky there, an attractive couple, but the way I run my mouth I get us into trouble / You’re always saying the wrong stuff when I get a girl liking us / Oh no, there you go again / When you’re the world’s worst swingers you never win / We are the world’s worst swingers / Spending our nights together alone / We are the world’s worst swingers / Never bringing anybody home / You told me about a virgin friend / I said let’s invite her over then / Maybe she’d like to watch maybe she’ll join in / But she hung up the phone on my suggestion / Well there it is / There you go / We don’t swing / We just yo-yo / But we’ll try it again / Yes we’ll try it tonight! / Maybe the world’s worst swingers will get it right / Chorus / We’re in luck in that we found each other / The hard part is finding extra lovers / Maybe we’re going about it in the wrong way / Chorus
Track Name: Officer of Love
There’s been songs about firemen putting out old flames / Songs about the weatherman calling for a change / There’s even the operator she can’t make a connection / But my blue eyes, baby, are bound to get your attention / I’m the officer of love / But I’m no boy in blue / I’ve got a star on my car / But my heart’s all for you / If looks, could kill, I’d arrest you for the crime / I’m gonna lock you up in my arms where I hope you’ll do some time / Well I know a bad girl when I see one walkin’ / You exceed the limit you better start doing some fast talkin’ / Oh, that’s nice, but you can’t flirt out of this one / I’m the officer of love and handcuffs sure are fun / Chorus / You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of love / Chorus / This is officer D.Striker I’m in hot pursuit of one sassy suspect an outrageous brunette who just stole my heart. But this is no call for back-up. I can handle it on my own.
Track Name: West of Damnation
You tell me that you can’t find a job worth workin’ / But you haven’t shuffled the want ads for some time / And you find it so hard to get up early in the morning / Not even for good money, an honest day / So how in the hell did you get west of damnation? / It seems to me when you’re down you’re already out / But then again you always talk shit that you don’t remember / So you picked out a colorful phrase about being blue / Last night at your place over beers we talked about music / You were frustrated that you don’t have a band / You say in this rock-n-roll town that no one plays country / But I see your guitar in the corner with five dirty strings / Chorus
Track Name: Not Funny Anymore
Maybe she got tired of me staying out late / Staying out late almost every night / Or maybe she just doesn’t understand what it means to play in a country band / Or maybe she just doesn’t like my songs / Livin’ life like a song / So she moved along / Or maybe she decided I’m not funny anymore / Anymore you’re not funny anymore / Well you came home drunk and you pissed on our floor / You set your suit on fire and I’m walking out the door / I’m tired of you baby you’re not funny anymore / Maybe she resents all this attention that I get / Why is everything always about you? / Or maybe she’s just all worked up in a tizz she don’t like the music biz / Or maybe the paychecks are too small / No that’s not it all / Why won’t she call me back? Call me back! Maybe she’s decided I’m not funny anymore / Anymore you’re not funny anymore / Well you crashed a coffee shop window I’m told / Passed out in a towel in the backseat of your Ford / I’m tired of your honky tonky ways / D.Striker, you’re not funny anymore / Maybe she got tired…
Track Name: Last Resort
What do you say? I’ll meet you at the restaurant at nine thirty. What do you want to do? / I hear that you’ve got a boyfriend / It doesn’t matter to me if it doesn’t matter to you. Does it matter to you? / No harm done. I’ll see you on Tuesday / After all, that’s early in the week / I don’t care much about your privileged company / It doesn’t matter to me if it doesn’t matter to you. Does it matter to you? / You might get caught / You might just like / You might fall hard / For a guy like me / Does it matter to you? / I won’t ask you to break up with him / No that’s something I’m not going do / Should you decide you wanna skip out on him / It doesn’t matter to me if it doesn’t matter to you. Does it matter to you? / Chorus
Track Name: Broken Strings Again
I’ll always be just one of your play things / Like a guitar that you pick and you strum a lot / Oh but you play rough and you treat me poorly / So now my heart has broken strings again / Broken strings again / Broken strings again / Well my heart it has broken strings again / This love for you that I sing / Oh but that sadness is all that you bring / To my heart it has broken strings again / Each time you pick me up I hope that you’ll hold me / But your hands they weren’t meant for just one / And I’m beat up and I’m busted from falling / When you give up and let go of everything / Chorus / Well you’ve gone and broken my heart again
Track Name: Comfort Inn
I heard it through a friend who heard it through the hotel wall / A woman with her lover and she was heard to mutter, “Dude.” / Lovin’ on a stranger and calling him, “Dude.” / What do you do when you don’t know the recipe? / You just make it all up as you go along / Oh Dude…Dude / It was a long long night of karaoke she got up to sing at least three times / I would call him very patient hanging on to every line / Dude looks like a lady / Last call I can imagine going down like this / “I’ve got a hotel room…with a mini bar. If you want to keep drinking, I’ll drive. No really, it’s not too far.” / Why do they wrap plastic cups in plastic? (at the hotel) / She didn’t know his name and she was too embarrassed to ask it (oh well) / So she called him “Dude” / Oh Dude / It was a long long night of knockin’ boots everyone knew what they were up to / In the morning they hit the breakfast bar for those do it yourself waffles and fresh fruit / Then he said, “Goodbye lady.” I heard it through a friend who heard it through the hotel wall…
Track Name: Late Nite Polaroid Party
People get freaky when you pull out the Polaroid / Instant action smile for the camera / Wait a minute, wait a minute / Gonna get it, gonna get it / Late nite Polaroid Party / Late nite Polaroid Party / Open up the box and pull up the flash / It’s a one-step, two-step, finger slippin’, trigger catchin’ / Shoulder strap to hang on / The photos they just dangle on / Late nite Polaroid party / Late nite Polaroid party / Late nite Polaroid party! / Late nite Polaroid party! / Gratification right on the spot / It’s a crime scene. Beauty queen. Exceptional employee / Smile pretty, atta girl, smile pretty. Let it go! / Late nite Polaroid party / Late nite Polaroid party / Late nite Polaroid party! / Late nite Polaroid party!